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Website Redesign

Is your website looking old or a little dated?

We specialise in website redesign, if you have had a site for a while it will probably be looking a bit dated. Our website redesign packages offer great value as we can redesign your current site to make sure it always looks fresh. We can rebuild any website, no matter what platform the site is currently using, and if preferred we can migrate your site to a different content management system.

Maybe you are happy with how your site looks, but you want to add more functionality?

We can work with the existing site and add in new features such as adding your site to a content management system or implementing an online shop so you can begin to expand your business. We also can improve the design of your site so that it works flawlessly with mobile phones and tablets or add extra bits such as photo galleries or an interactive calendar.

We can take the original design and update your website to be compliant with the latest code and design practices. We can make your website feel contemporary and new again, attracting customers and improving your company’s online reputation by bringing your website into the mobile-first digital age.

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User Experience Comes First

In the modern world of responsive design a website needs to have cutting edge design that really interacts with the user and makes the navigation for them seamless and almost subconscious. If your website is out of date, an update will really help improve your customers experience.

Boost Your Brand Image

A website redesign can help revitalise the brand that represents what your company is all about. It takes the normal user around 7 seconds to make a decision about a website, so if your site is looking old and outdated then people will get the wrong impression about your business and go elsewhere.

Optimal Conversion Rate

Our team of expert UI/UX designers can analyse your current website and improve lead generation and sales. A typical problem with older websites is that they are not responsive and the experience is completely compromised when viewing on smaller mobile devices.

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    Why Echo?

    Any website over time needs a refresh, this is because what looks good one year is completely different the next. All of our websites are built using modern coding techniques which load more quickly on the internet and offer users a better experience on the internet with higher levels of interactivity.

    How long does it take to redesign my website?

    This will depend on what you are looking for. Some redesigns take weeks, others take months. We will provide you with an estimate once we have discussed your requirements.

    Can I change or update my current platform?

    Yes - we will advise you on the best platform to use for your business and migrate over your website to a new content management system.

    I’m looking for new features adding to my website - can you do that?

    We can work with your current site and add new integrations or features to enhance your online business. These include mobile-usability, social media and mailchimp integrations.

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