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Magento Website Design

At Echo Web Solutions, we provide a fully bespoke web design, web development, web management and search engine optimisation for Magento.

Magento is a free, powerful, open-source e-commerce platform that is rich with features. Supporting up to 500,000 products and 80,000 sales an hour, Magento is an excellent choice for larger businesses and online stores. We are experts at creating aesthetically pleasing Magento websites, with enough power to support your e-commerce store comfortably.

Magento is an extremely popular choice, with over 230,000 e-commerce stores being powered by the platform. There’s plenty of reasons why Magento is popular too! An intuitive visual-based page editor allows shop owners to customise their website with little knowledge, allowing them to choose what they offer on the fly. Magento also utilises a unique search terms cloud, product reviews, the ability to configure auto-suggested terms and product tag filters, all superb way shop owners can increase their sales.

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Website Design Service Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Design & Development

12% of all eCommerce websites in the entire world are powered by Magento.

Even if an eCommerce store has 50,000 products, Magento will run smoothly and effectively, whilst remaining secure, mobile-friendly, and developed with SEO as a key consideration. In our opinion, Magento is a superb eCommerce platform for larger businesses, who tend to have large amounts of products on offer – that’s why we offer bespoke Magneto web design in locally in Peterborough as well as nationally.

Why should I choose Magento?

Magento is one of the most powerful ecommerce platforms, which can be found powering some of the most popular brands across the web. It is fully scalable, at enterprise grade and modular - meaning your site can easily grow and improve.

Are you able to assist with Magento 1 to Magento 2 upgrade?

Definitely! We are working with many clients across multiple industries to migrate their site to Magento 2.

How much does Magento cost? Does it have a license fee?

Magento 2 CE is free - for many businesses, the only costs to consider is the website build and ongoing hosting.

Will you show me how to use my website after?

Yes! We offer a complete training session to ensure you feel happy and comfortable managing your website once we are finished.

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Advanced SEO

Magento was developed with Search Engine Optimisation effciency in mind. You won’t need to worry about products not ranking on search engines. Custom SEO features allow businesses to enhance organic traffic for free, boosting your websites search engine positioning.


You can feel at ease knowing that your website will continue to perform to high standards, no matter how many prodcts you offer. With the ability to offer 500,000 products at any one time, or 80,000 sales an hour, Magento provides an excellent platform for business growth and expansion.

Secure & Up to Date

An excellent advantage of Magento is the strength of the platform, both in terms of stability and security. Adminstrators of Magento websites have the ability to configure the level of security on their website, provding the ability to build up a strong wall of defence to fend off unwanted visitors.

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